What would be the most valuable thing in the world?

If you ask those who study history, they will tell you Kohinoor Ratnam.

Some say diamond.

Some would say things like plutonium.

There is an answer from someone who knows science well. Anti-matter!

The price depends on the effort and energy required to make it. There isn’t much. Just 60 trillion dollars per gram!

Even if I pay so much money, will I get it immediately? Neither is there. It takes five billion years to make one gram.

what Behind the name.
Just because he is upside down. A structure with the opposite charge to the normal atom. A negatively charged proton and a positively charged electron.

His energy is awesome.
Just take a pinch and mix it with matter, and it has the power of a small Hiroshima bomb.

On Earth, the CERN collider has produced quantities of antimatter that are one billionth of a nanogram. It cost crores. But scientists hope that if they get it in a good way, it will be possible to create propulsions without energy problems such as warp drive and travel through space like a tiger. We can wait too.

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