Alternative building material for rocks,Foam GLASS

A home to live in is the birthright of any human being, but if we continue to grow in this way, granite mining will become just as important.
But over the years, everyone has been talking about the problem,

No one is discussing a viable solution,

Here is an introduction to an alternative construction material on this occasion

Foam glass, or tempered glass,

Foam glass is made by recycling old glass and sand,

The finely ground glass is first roasted at 800 C with lime or charcoal

When they are heated, all of the lime and charcoal that changes from solid to gaseous form falls into the liquid glass form of carbon,

Thus 80% to 90% of the foam glass will be air-filled chambers, ranging in size from 0.1mm to 5mm, and only 10 to 20% of the raw material they contain.

One drawback of this technology is that it requires a large amount of energy.

But the foam glass made from it is a very good engineering material,

  1. Does not transmit heat,
  2. Noise is not transmitted,
  3. Watering is not affected,
  4. Do not catch fire,
  5. It is as strong as granite
  6. Light weight
  7. Lying on the water
  8. It is a good filter media
  9. Nature is friendly

It is a sustainable building material as it can be made from sand and even from old glass and industrial slag. Such glass factories are now relatively non-existent and costly, and are now more expensive, but if they can be mass-produced with energy from micro-hydro projects and solar, they can produce more profit than current granite. Let us hope that in the future there will be huge investments in this technology, which will lead to a huge reduction in granite mining.

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