What will happen to you when you land on Jupiter ….. about that exciting journey that is not possible …

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. About 1325 Earths can fit on Jupiter very easily. Suppose you decided to land on Jupiter to learn more about the mysterious planet Jupiter. What will happen? Jupiter is a gas giant with no ‘soil’ to trample on. Will you go straight down there? What do you see on the way? What will be your situation?

What happens if you put on a plain space suit? Look, it won’t happen. About 3 million kilometers above the surface of Jupiter, you would have been burned to death by radiation.

But it’s not boring! You have a special space suite; Get down to business anyway. Now for the fun! You will be falling at a speed of about one hundred and eighty thousand kilometers. Twice as fast as the sky falling from the earth. This is because Jupiter has the strongest gravity after the Sun. This fall you can see the sun but not the heat at all. About 250 km below it is a mantle formed by clouds of ammonia.

Cold minus 150 degrees. You’re now caught up in a pretty colorful giant storm hitting at 482 KM per hour! This is because Jupiter is the fastest rotating planet on its own axis. A day on Jupiter is 9.30 hours on Earth.

Our exploration vehicles have reached only about 120 km below this area. Galileo, sent by NASA in 1995, arrived here. Jupiter’s giant atmosphere is still hovering around somewhere in this hell of hell as brown dust.

If you go down further with the desire to know, you are going down to a dark area. The only light is the intermittent intense lightning bolts. In addition, the atmosphere is getting very hot. The pressure is 1000 times that of Earth. If you do not have the thick space suit of the submarine used to land on the Mariana Trench, your thing is brown dust. But you have a special suit – things get easier.

You’ll been sitting down for 12 hours now. But suppose you call someone at home and let them know you’re here – it’s not going to happen. Jupiter’s atmosphere swallows all radio signals and emits nothing.

You are going down again. The pressure is terrible. Almost reached the edge of the inner core of Jupiter. You are now two million times more atmospheric pressure than Earth. Atmosphere neither gas nor liquid. This particular state of matter is called ‘supercritical fluid’. The heat is the same heat as the surface of the sun.

Let’s go further down. What you see now is the most rare-mysterious substance in the universe – ‘metallic hydrogen.’ Being metal with hydrogen pressure. You will be in a state of jumping into a swimming pool filled with super glue. There is absolutely no possibility of escape.

But you have a special suit. After escaping somehow, you eagerly went down again for about 1000 km. Here we see, the core of Jupiter solidified by extreme pressure. Satisfied you have to go back to earth anyway.

But trapped bro. There is nothing in the universe that has the power to pull you out of this pressure. There is no escape even if you are tied with a rope and the other end is tied to the ground. So be there forever. That is the verdict.

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