WASP 76b

Wasp 76b is a planet with a cloudy sky all the time. The new planet was discovered about 390 light-years from Earth a few years ago. Researchers say that instead of rain clouds, there are clouds full of iron. It has an atmosphere similar to that of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. But it is twice the size of Jupiter. The planet also orbits a star.

The side facing the star is always hot. It will be around 2400 degrees Celsius. It is the heat at which all metals melt. Naturally the iron in the clouds will melt at this heat. So drop the baked iron raindrops! It is cold on the opposite side of the star. But it’s not as cold as on earth. The temperature there is around 1500 degrees Celsius. According to Earth estimates, Wasp 76B orbits its star once every two days. Due to the peculiarity of its rotation, the part facing the star is always day, and the opposite side is night.

Winds can sometimes reach 11,000 miles per hour. In this wind, the evaporated iron on the part of the planet that is day will reach the part where it is at night. Researchers at the University of Geneva say that clouds form as the temperature drops at the planet’s ‘transition’ point, which becomes day and night.

What really awaits the planet is a look similar to that of a steel factory on Earth. Researchers are studying the planet Wasp using a giant telescope from the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Researchers say that no such planet has ever been found in the universe, where iron cools and then melts into rain

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