Wonders of the Solar System Planets

The Ingenuity helicopter is known to have flown to Mars. This is the first time a vehicle has been controlled on a planet other than Earth. At present we do not have aircraft or vehicles capable of flying over other planets. But in the future, that may be the case. So if you fly in an airplane and orbit the planets in the solar system, you will definitely get to know the places to see.

Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons is a must see if you are flying to Mars. Olympus Mons, the highest peak in the Solar System, is 22–25 km high. More than two and a half times our Mount Everest. But beyond the height, the mountain is located over a large area. 3 lakh square kilometers. Eight times the area of ​​the state of Kerala. Scientists disagree that Olympus Mons, a volcano, has been inactive for some time.

Kraken Mare

Saturn is famous. Planet with all rings. Its moon Titan is also very famous. The birthplace of Thanos, the super villain in the Avengers story. But scientists are skeptical that there really is life here. Kraken Mere is the largest sea on Titan. Filled with methane instead of water, this ocean is larger than the Caspian Sea on Earth. The ocean was discovered by NASA’s Cassini mission to Saturn. An island called Maida Insula has also been found in the sea.

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