16 Psyche “, a small planet with treasure that can make the whole world billionaires”.

The asteroid between Mars and Jupiter was discovered in 1852 by the Italian astronomer Anibal de Gaspiris. He also named it Psyche, after the ancient Greek goddess. But recently, NASA came up with a mission to study this. Early studies showed that iron and nickel were the main metals found in psychics. Subsequent studies have focused on large deposits of gold. With this, it came to be known as the Iron Planet and the Golden Planet.

NASA claims that the asteroid has the ‘property’ that can make all the people on Earth billionaires. The amount of gold and platinum on the 16-psychic asteroid known as the ‘Golden Asteroid’ is capable of making every person on Earth a millionaire. Truly a space treasure.

Researchers say the asteroid between Mars and Jupiter has a $ 8000 quadrillion ‘treasure’. That is a property with a market value of over a thousand trillion!

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