Time Dilation

Many who have seen the movie Interstellar still have a frown, as he leaves his 10 – year – old daughter. It had been 23 years since he had gone to another galaxy in the distance and gone to one of the planets near a black hole and returned to his own station a few moments later. He also realizes the strange truth that he and his daughter are now the same age.
Before saying anything about this,

pay attention to one or two things. Space and time should not be seen as separate. Both are two sides of the same coin. The aftereffect of one is the other. That is, space expansion began in the universe at the same time as the Big Bang.

Where space development is large, time is of the essence. For example, near the sun, near the black hole. Time will stand where space is completely shattered. E.g. in the center of a black hole. Then we refer to the state of the universe as space time continuum.

What I am going to say next is nothing but theory or facts. It is a humble attempt at how we can create a small understanding of time, or how we can understand how time stretches. Suppose we are standing on the shore of a fast flowing stream in the same rhythm. Suppose that stream is a space development.

We made two small paper boats and put them down. One of the boats, which was moving in the same direction, was slightly swept away by a whirlwind. Think of the vortex as a black hole in natural flow or space development. Now the first boat is ahead or ahead of time. That is, it is in the future. Time dilation occurred to the boat behind. Is the point used only for explanation.

Can be pushed or taken.
Physics concept in interstellar movie
Now let’s see what ideas in physics are in this movie.

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