‘There was a river on Mars’! Rover with amazing pictures

Rover again with evidence of a search for water on Mars. Scientists now have images showing evidence that water helped shape the landscape of Mars billions of years ago. The images also reveal evidence of ancient life on Mars.

In February, NASA’s persuasion rover Gezero landed in the crater for this investigation. Scientists at the time suspected a fan-shaped debris visible from space about an atmosphere similar to that of a dry river. That is the reality now. The layers within the rocks in this crater reveal to scientists how water formation occurred.

NASA astronomer Amy Williams and her team discovered similarities between the features of the rocks and the earth’s river patterns in images from Mars. The shape of the three layers showed the presence and constant flow of water from the very beginning, and the study says that about 3.7 billion years ago, Mars was ‘warm and humid enough to withstand a flood’.

Scientists suspect that the scattering of rocks more than a meter in diameter in the upper and most recent layers may be evidence of the presence of strong flooding. To this end, 30 rock and soil samples will be collected in sealed tubes by the Multi-Tasking Rover, which will eventually be sent to Earth by 2030 for lab analysis.

Last month, mission scientists announced that the rover had collected samples of two rocks in the Rover Xero. This showed signs of prolonged contact with groundwater. The experiments are being carried out using 19 cameras in the rover, a two – meter (seven feet) long robotic arm, two microphones and a suite of state – of – the – art equipment. The plan is to cross the Rover Delta in its current form, then explore the ancient lake shore and finally the edges of the crater.

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