Starship + Super Heavy The largest and most powerful rocket ever made by man

Height: 120 meters. Diameter: 9 meters.

Weight: 4600 ton fuel only. Gross weight 5000 ton.

Fuel: Liquefied Oxygen(-183 degree Cel) + Liquefied Methane(-161.6 degree Cel)

Payload carrying capacity: 250 ton to Low Earth Orbit in non-reusable configuration. 150 ton to LEO in fully reusable configuration.

Thrust of First Stage: Equivalent to 7590 ton weight.

Thrust to Weight Ratio 1.51

33 Raptor-2 Engines operating in Full Flow Staged Combustion Cycle in First Stage.

Second Stage thrust force: equivalent to 1500 ton weight.

6 Raptor Engines in Second Stage. 3 Sealevel + 3 Vaccum.

In the first stage, 21.5 tons of fuel is burned every second. Exhaust CO2 + H2O (Carbon Di-Oxide + Water Vapor) goes out at a speed of 3.2 km per second. In Vaccum it goes up to 3.6 kmps.

Fuel-Oxidizer Mixture Ratio: 0.274

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