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How much does it cost for a person to go into space?

January 22, 2022

Virgin Galactic: $ 250,000 for a 2 hour suborbital flight at 80 km altitude;Blue Origin: Approximately $ 300,000 for a 12-minute suborbital flight at 100 km altitude;Axiom Space: $ 55 million for a 10-day orbital flight;Space View: $ 125,000 for a 6-hour flight to the edge of space (32 km above Earth).

The waterfall at the bottom of the rocket

December 28, 2021

The rocket launch will be on television but there will be very few who have not seen it. That leap of fire and smoke from the countdown was a beautiful sight. This refers to the Sound Suppression Water System (SSWS) found in the mobile rocket launch pads of NASA and SpaceX. waves) and heat. These…

Dart launch success, another year-long journey

November 25, 2021

NASA successfully launches NASA asteroid DART mission Described as the first Earth Defense mission, Dart is trying to find out if the trajectory of an asteroid can be changed by crashing into it. Dart is targeting the tiny asteroid Deformus, which orbits the giant asteroid Didymus. The impact of the thunder is expected to change…

Indian descent leading a space station mission

November 15, 2021

An Indian-origin man is leading SpaceX’s new space mission to NASA. This is the first time an Indian man has taken control of a spacecraft. The four-member team, led by Raja Chari, 44, a US Air Force pilot with family roots in Telangana, set out. The Falcon 9 rocket was launched Wednesday night with the…

Elon Mask

August 16, 2021

“When the Wright brothers built the spacecraft, no one thought it would be a normal mode of travel. But in just two decades, the situation has changed. Today, air travel is possible for anyone. One day Mars will be like this. Then we should not be satisfied with Mars.These are the words of Elon Musk.Elon…