Science has found a way to hibernate a living person!

The knowledge that our most ancient ancestors had the ability to survive the blizzards during this period led researchers to this hibernation. Efforts have been made to find the gene responsible for that ability. If we recognize them now and artificially trigger them, i.e. adjust the temperature to that of a past glaciation, we too will go into hibernation. Experiments are underway.

The benefit of doing this is not for those on earth. Rather, it is on missions that travel to distant planets and the like. Most importantly, it saves them the cost of preparing food, entertainment, health care and accommodation for the duration of the journey, which takes years.

Also, living in a small room and being alone, there is no program like mental stress, boredom etc. It does not cause any of the weakness and health problems that travelers may experience after long periods of time in microgravity. You can get up and go as if you were lying down.

We know that certain species in nature have the ability to hibernate in this way. So the new step is to observe them and take steps with the help of science. The theory is to keep the body from dying by regulating temperature and keeping energy use to a minimum.

The researchers are confident that the event can be brought down within ten years. The technology is currently being developed by the European Space Agency.

FILE PHOTO: A logo of the European Space Agency (ESA) is pictured at their headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, September 30, 2016. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

We can add a starting point to Mars trips that take seven or eight months.

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