Researchers say Neanderthals painted in caves in Europe

The painting by Neanderthals in caves before Homo sapiens arrived in Europe proves that Neanderthals had abstract thinking as well as artistic perception. Researchers have shown that the cave marks in Spain were made by Neanderthals. Archaeologist Franceso d’Errico discovered that the Cueva de Ardales in Spain deliberately painted / intentionally painted 65,000 years ago by Neanderthals.

The researchers initially thought that the red spots in the cave were caused by the natural accumulation of iron oxide. However, the researchers found that the red residue did not match the other iron oxide deposits in the cave. Neanderthals were deliberately created by Neanderthals, the only people living in parts of Europe at the time. This painting was first discovered in 1812. New research reveals that tea pigments are / applied / applied over a period of time. From this the researchers speculate that several Neanderthals came to the cave for symbolic markings for generations.

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