The “Suicide Plant” Has the Most Painful Stingers in the World

Dendrochnide moroids, abundant in the rainforests of North-Eastern Australia. But most people do not recognize this. These are known as ‘suicide plants’. Gimpy – These are known locally as Gimpy.

It does not matter if the plant is tapped lightly on the body. It may feel like committing suicide! (There has been a case of a man who shot himself to death because he could not bear the pain). This is why they are known as suicide plants.

It is one of the most poisonous plants in the world. Except for the roots, all parts of the plant are covered with small needle-like hairs, including heart-shaped leaves, stalks, and pink-purple berries. When touched, the toxin moroidine rapidly penetrates the muscles of the body and causes excruciating pain. These have the potential to paralyze the nervous system. This pain can last for days or months. It is a pain beyond human comprehension.

The thorny part of the plant turns red. After applying mild hydrochloric acid to this area, the thorns will have to be removed with a hair removal strip. In addition to Australia, it is found in the Maluku Islands and Indonesia.

Surprisingly, despite being such a poisonous plant, gimp-gimp is the food of some animals. Chrysomelide beetles have been found to eat the leaves of gimp-gimp, and insects have also been found to feed on sap and red-footed pademolons.

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