Quarantine with rats

Kovid’s harassment has been going on for more than two years. Most of us have heard of quarantine and some have experienced it. Being alone is a big problem for many. But listening to Collins’ story is enough to know that none of the isolation we have experienced is anything to go by.

Did you know that three people went to the moon? Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Collins. Collins was orbiting the moon when Armstrong and Aldrin boarded the Lunar Module.

The trio returned to Earth on July 24, 1969. The spacecraft crashed into the sea. We think they took the bouquet and the bouquet and walked through the crowd that day, but that was not the case. Initially, passengers were escorted to a window-like ‘mobile quarantine’ system.

Although it is now almost certain that there is no life on the moon, scientists at the time were skeptical. How do you make sure passengers don’t come back with any dangerous virus like corona? Quarantine was prepared for that. The quarantine then moved them to a room. The cage also had a few white rats. If the passengers have any disease, it can be transmitted to rats. NASA thought that this was the way to diagnose the disease. Anyway, nothing happened to the rats. The passengers were released a few days later. Inside the room there was a television, several books and a table tennis court so as not to get bored of the 22-day long quarantine.

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