Passed the Cryogenic Engine (CE-20) Eligibility Test for the Gaganyan Program

Today, (January 12, 2022), the fourth qualifying test of the Cryogenic Engine (CE-20 E9) for the Gaganyan program, 720 seconds long, was conducted at the ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC) (Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu).

The engine performance met the test objectives and the engine parameters were matched to the expected level throughout the test.
This successful experiment is a major milestone in India’s ‘Gaganyan’ (Human Space Project) project to launch man into space.

The GSLV-MK3 launch vehicle for Gaganyan must be manned, so its stable operation is essential. Through this experiment the CE-20 was able to ensure the reliability and power of the cryogenic engine.
In addition, the engine will be subjected to four more tests. Tests will also be conducted for a cumulative duration of 1810 seconds.

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