Olympus Mons Are you ready for Trekking

The group has been photographed several times by the Olympic mons, a giant mountain on Mars, the largest peak and volcano in the Solar System. One more little update for my stuff. The height is close to 22km, which is about two and a half times the height of our Everest, a large crater that is part of a volcano 85km wide at the top.

This 22km high mountain
It is about 624 km in diameter. Therefore, its slope is less than 1%. This means that the surrounding border has 6km cutting edges in many places,

but also some low-lying areas where the lava joins the surface of Mars. Not only will we be able to walk through that part, but we will be able to walk straight to the center if we have all the essentials on hand, but it will take weeks.


waiting for trekkers and and offroaders

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