An “extraterrestrial” mineral harder than diamonds has been discovered!

The incident took place in Israel

This is a new discovery that is of interest to geologists around the world
The discovery was made by a mining company operating in the Sevulun Valley. The Seulun Valley is located near Mount Carmel in northern Israel

The mining company accidentally discovered this mineral, which has never been found on earth before. This latest mineral has not yet been officially approved by the International Mineralogical Association but has been added to the annual list of new minerals.

It was once thought that such minerals could only be found in extraterrestrial objects.
It is similar to the mineral allandite discovered when the Allende meteorite fell to Earth in 1969.

This discovery by the mining company Shefa Yamim is significant as it is the first of its kind in history. It is now thought that this mineral formed spontaneously in the rock of the earth.
According to Shefa Yamin, CEO of the mining company, the ore will be named Carmelite.

Carmelite is the name of the area where it was found
After extensive testing, carmeltasite was found to be much harder than diamond, despite the similar chemical composition of rubies and diamonds.
As a result, carmeltasite has a very high value. According to Forbes, 30 km of the Earth’s crust is thought to form naturally.

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