oil whale

The Physeter macrocephalus is the largest and largest predator of toothed whales. Adult whales of this species range in length from 16 m to 20 m. One third of their body is the head. Their main food is squid. They will dive to a depth of 2250 meters in the ocean to catch squid. Only Cuvier’s beaked whales have been found to go deeper than these to catch prey. It is the loudest sound any living thing on earth can make. They have the largest brain size and can live up to 60 years.

They are found almost everywhere in the oceans. Female whales and young can live together until they are ten years old. Female whales show social responsibility in protecting their children. The period between births can be four to twenty years. In adulthood, male whales usually live alone. They come in groups only to mate. There are no creatures in the ocean that prey on an adult whale. But killer whales often attack babies and the elderly or the weary.

An oily substance called spermaceti is abundant in the heads of oily whales. They got their name from it. Spermaceti is used in oil lamps, candles, and as a lubricant in machinery. Ambergris, a substance that is excreted in the feces or vomited from the digestive tract, is still used to make scents. Because they are sea monsters, they often escape from whales.

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