Many things will happen on earth before the end of the sun, and all living things, including humans, will be gone.

How or when will the sun, our source of energy, end? There have already been several scientific controversies over this question. New research predicts that all life on Earth, including humans, will set before the sun reaches its final stage. The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Astronomy, details the end of the Sun and Earth.
The study estimates that the Sun has a lifespan of about 1 billion years. The Sun does not have the mass needed to finally explode into a supernova. When the hydrogen fuel burns completely, the core shrinks and the outer layers expand, reaching the Sun as a red giant. The size of the Sun is expected to increase 250-fold by this time. It is estimated that the Sun will reach this shape in about 500 million years.

As it transforms into a red giant, the sun will penetrate even the planets, including Earth and Mars. Humans and other living things on earth are expected to become extinct long before this happens. For that to happen, man must already have the ability to live on extraterrestrial planets.

Another study released in 2018 estimates that humans could live safely on Earth for about 100 billion years. According to the study, the Sun’s brightness and surface temperature increase by about 10 percent every billion years. In the past, the brightness of the sun was lower than it is today, probably because life began on Earth in just a billion years. There will be a huge increase in solar temperature in the next billion years. It is thought that this will cause the liquid water on Earth to evaporate, which could lead to the destruction of all living things.

Due to the energy pulses that follow the state of the red giant, the outer layers of the Sun will move away and an asteroid will form. After the outer layers are removed, only the core of the sun, which is very hot, is left. It is thought that the sun will continue to fade for billions of years, eventually becoming a white dwarf.

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