Is Time Travel Possible .. ??

It is still difficult for many to believe that time is relative. A minute on our earth can sometimes be different in another corner of the universe.
There it can sometimes be a month or a year. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.
Let us examine the scientific aspect of this.

In 1905, Einstein, the world’s greatest scientist, proposed the theory of time travel.

According to him, if you can travel close to the speed of light
That is, at a speed of three million kilometers per second, time would not be as we see it now.
If we move from one point in the universe to another at this speed, we will be many years beyond our Earth.

The time it takes for an object to reach the speed of light. We travel with time at the speed of light. That is, time becomes stationary.

What if we exceed the speed of light? The relativity of time to velocity is called velocity time dilation.

Gravity time dilation is another phenomenon that makes time relative. Iowa’s idea is that time will slow down as gravity increases. We know that gravity increases with increasing mass.? Therefore, in black holes with massive masses, time moves very slowly. According to Iowa theory, time is at a standstill in the singularity of the black hole.

Relative time is described in Stephen Hawking ‘s book A Breif History Of Time.
The worm hole phenomenon is the idea put forward by Einstein to bring distances under our control. According to Iowa’s idea, the idea is to bend time and space (space-time) in hyperspace to reach another corner of the universe in an instant.

As science progresses, ideas can sometimes change the future …

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