Is it blood River or did it reach Mars?

The earth is full of mysteries and secrets. The scenery here is breathtaking. One such place is the Rio Tinto, a bloody river in Spain.

It is located in southwestern Spain. The river is red and orange. At first glance it may seem as if it is covered in blood or has reached Mars. The name of the river “Tinto” means “dark red”.

Spain, Andalusia, water of the Rio Tinto, coloured by dissolved minerals, primarily iron

Rio Tinton River is surrounded by beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by lush green trees.

The view and the color of the river will captivate anyone. This difference in color is due to the high acidity of the river.

Rio Tinto. This highly acidic river is located in south-western Spain. It flows through an area rich in minerals, and contains extremophile bacteria that feed on iron and sulphide minerals, creating an acidic environment. Over many kilometres this river has a pH of 2 and the reddish tint for which it is named. This river carries many tonnes of minerals, such as zinc and copper, to the sea. Despite the toxic environment, this river contains many microbe and algae species.

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