Is Mars losing its atmosphere?

ISRO’s Mars mission Mangalyan and NASA’s Maven have discovered that Mars is losing its atmosphere faster than expected.

All the planets are losing a certain amount of their atmosphere into space.
Researchers have found that the atmosphere of Mars, a small planet, is losing its atmosphere faster than expected compared to Earth.
Solar winds cause argon gas to be rapidly lost from Mars’ atmosphere. This process is known as “sputtering”.

This conclusion was reached by collecting information about the massive dust storm that occurred on Mars in June and July 2018 and analyzing the information sent by Maven and Mangalyan. A dust storm that blows fast is a special weather phenomenon on Mars.

The dust storm, which started on June 2018 in June, was strongest in the first week of July. As a result of this dust storm, the upper atmosphere of Mars became warmer. It has been found that this has increased the rate of atmospheric loss on Mars.
Researchers have also found that the density of Mars’ atmosphere increased within a month of the dust storm.
The discovery that the atmosphere of Mars now lacks thickness and heat to sustain water, the most essential element of life.
Iowa observations point to the fact that during the heyday of Mars there was an atmosphere conducive to sustaining life on a much wider scale.

Given on the right side of the picture is the artist’s imagination of the time when Mars was thought to have an atmosphere and on the left side the current situation.

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