How similar are the skeletons of man and gorilla

The skeletons of humans and gorillas have the same basic structure.

If we know the bones of the human skeleton, we can also know the parts of the gorilla skeleton.

However, there are significant differences between the shape and proportions of the bones of humans and gorillas.
But .. the main differences are:
The shape and proportions of the skull vary.

Vertebral column shape – S-shaped in humans and bow-shaped in gorillas.

Length and proportions of limbs:
Human legs are proportionately longer than gorilla legs
The gorilla’s arm is proportionately longer than the human arm.

Size of arms and legs – Larger than human in gorillas:
The 5 toes of the human foot are aligned with each other.
Gorillas have big toes as opposed to toes.
Human fingers are straight but gorillas are curved, and humans have thumbs that are proportionately longer than gorillas’.

Rib size – Gorillas are much larger than humans.
Pelvic bone – different shapes in humans and gorillas.

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