Home at last

Webb finally arrived at his new home, L2. The last refueling was done on January 24 or yesterday and was shifted to that point. It was a moment that everyone at NASA feared. This is because you need to speed up a bike to the top of the mountain and brake and stop quickly before slipping off the sharp point at the top and falling off the mountain .

Although the fuel burns several times, a small error is enough to move the web from this point to the end of the cosmos. According to experts, there were 344 chances of the mission failing, including just before departure.


Although this point is best suited for the earth, it has a slight instability and should be straightened every 21 days with a small thrust. Although the L5 point is stable, there are still some Trojan meteorites out there.

Then it turns out that this fuel is mission over then. But the accuracy of the Ariane 5 rocket could save an extra decade of fuel. The temperature must be below seven kelvin for these devices to work.

That is, close to absolute zero. Or it will work on its own heat. Its MIRI device is so sensitive.

Now that the web has come home and everything has been sorted and checked, it is expected that the first picture will be delivered within six months.

so far so good

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