How does zero gravity train astronauts?

Zero gravity can be created artificially

Objects have weight because they are attracted by the earth. Acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 meters per second. Even if an object is dropped in a controlled manner with the same acceleration, it will feel weightless during the fall. So if a human-carried vehicle can be brought as high as possible in the Earth’s atmosphere and dropped a few kilometers from there, they will experience zero gravity during the fall.

How to drop?

To enable free fall, the trainees are taken in a jet plane and taken 20 km up. From there, the plane suddenly descends 10 km down. Again 20 km up and 10 km down. This is repeated several times. Weightlessness trains the climbers with the 20 to 25 seconds they get each time between these falls. The jet aircraft used for this is completely different from other aircraft. There will be some chairs at the back of it. The front part is like a long hall with reduced width. Form is attached to its floor and walls. Training is in this area.

Training features

Everyone will be wearing a special space suit during the training. All dangerous objects such as shoes, watches and pens are removed from the body. When the plane takes off, everyone stays in their own seats like in a normal plane.

Once at the top, the form at the front of the plane will lie flat on the carpeted floor. A siren will sound as a fall warning. And then there is the terrible fall. During this fall, those who lie on the floor will slowly begin to rise. It starts flying like a grandpa. Meanwhile, many people will collide with each other. However, as there is no weight, no pain is felt.

The lost weight is regained when the plane takes off again. At this time travelers will fall down if they are at the top of the air inside the plane. To avoid this danger, after a crash the siren will sound again before take off.

Then the astronaut must crawl down and lie on the floor. After reaching the top, the next fall starts after notification. Every fall, tourists are excited to try new things. Some will swim in the air of the plane as in water. Some will know. During a training flight, the aircraft will dip like this several times. In the meantime, tourists get sea row gravity training.

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