Found dragon fossil in Australia,

Paleontologists from Australia have found fossils of a dragon-like flying reptile that lived during the dinosaur era. Flying reptiles that look like dragons are commonly seen between 245 and 66 million years ago. Paleontologists at the University of Queensland have discovered fossils of flying reptiles. This reptile is also known as “Thapunngaka shawi”. Belongs to the pterosaur family. It is also the largest flying reptile ever found in Australia. This frightening creature’s mouth is like a spear / with spear like mouth / its wingspan / wing span is about 7 meters. It has a long necked skull and a pair of long wings. They ate sea creatures and fish. It had forty teeth in its mouth. It was ideal for catching a lot of fish. Their habitat was the Eromanga sea.
Research studies on these have been published in the journal Vertebrate Palentology.

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