Found dinosaur fossil in china

Chinese paleontologists have discovered two new dinosaur species. The 130 million year old dinosaur species was identified from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China. Two new species have been confirmed from studies and restoration of three fossil samples collected from Hami.

The visible part of the fossil was / exposed / in poor condition due to strong winds and dry weather. Paleontologists identified these creatures through the restoration process. These two dinosaur species include Somphospondylan, which has large, long necks and forelegs.

One dinosaur is 20 meters long and the other is 17 meters long. Detailed studies on this have been published in the Scientific Report. Somphospondylans are mostly large-bodied herbivores. / All three of the newly reported dinosaurs are classified in the Somphospondyli of the Sauropoda .

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