Awesome ice wheel spinning itself in the river

Circular and other symbols found on farms in the United States are very popular. Stories abound that such giant signs, formed overnight, are the work of aliens or supernatural forces. A similar circular shape was formed on the river in West Brook, USA. This circle of ice formed in the river and spins like a wheel.

This rare phenomenon originated in the river Presumcott. The residents of West Brook were amazed to see this unfamiliar sight. Many made up a variety of stories and speculations. One such was the presence of aliens. Many even believed that a flying saucer traveled by aliens was above the ice wheel. Rumor has it that this flying saucer is invisible to humans and is lightweight. With this, the researchers came to the scene and revealed the truth behind this ice cycle.

The river is formed by a very thin layer of ice found in a circle. Ice disk is the scientific name for this phenomenon because of its disk-like shape. Ice disk is a very rare phenomenon. They usually form in late winter in rivers along the polar regions of Alaska and Siberia.

The ice sheet formed in West Brook and covered an area of ​​90 meters. Researchers also say that cats need to be included in any precautionary measures against the virus. Researchers believe it may be the largest ice disk ever found in the world. To date, none of the recorded ice disks have been found to be this large.

The ice disc was discovered by West Brook residents on Monday morning. In the beginning, no one cared. It was thought that it would disappear as soon as the sun became clear. But for four days the ice disk remained in the same condition. In addition, the ice disk rotates slowly in the opposite direction of the clock. The ice disk was examined by researchers on Tuesday, when it did not disappear even after a day. They also say they found nothing unusual.

The spinning ice wheel ..

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