Amazing Wave Rock

A huge wave as high as the sky suddenly stopped. Just think, there is such an amazing sight in Australia. This wave is not just high above the sea, it is just a natural phenomenon known as wave rock. Wave Rock is a rock formed in prehistoric times. This huge rock has become a wave of stone as a result of thousands of years of interaction with the forest and nature.

It is located in Hayden, 340 km east of Perth. Hence the name Hayden Rock. Wave rock is one of the most beautiful and beautiful rock formations in the world. It is located within what is now known as the Golden Outback of Australia. Wave Rock was formed years ago. It is 14 meters high and 110 meters long.
The place is also known for its unusual coloring. Different shades of yellow, red and gray form on the long strips below the face of the rock. It will be beautiful to see this place bathed in gold in the evening.

These color variations are due to the action of minerals over the centuries. According to scientists, this amazing stone formation is 2700 million years old. Wave Rock is part of the northern face of the remaining Hayden Rock.
Wave Rock can be visited at any time, but many visitors prefer to visit early in the morning or in the afternoon. Wave Rocks are most beautiful when the temperature is low and the sun rises and sets.

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