Amazing Facts About Airplanes That Will Make Your Mind Soar

    "" The fuel tank of the aircraft is in the wings, why is the tank in the wings ???  Why are the pilots given two types of food ???  No one has ever died in the sky while flying a plane !!  Why???  What is the mileage of the aircraft?

    If you take the list of the greatest achievements of man, the position will be at the forefront of the plane ...
     If so, let's take a look at one or two things that make these aircraft stand out.

      The tanks that store fuel in aircraft have wings on both sides ... what could be the reason for that ...
     The wings of our aircraft are called the wings and the body is called the fuselage.
      Safety for the passengers is also on the fuel tank wings.  Because of the dangers of landing and so on ... If the fuel tank is in fuselage, when the tank breaks down and catches fire, the passengers will be in more danger and the rescue operation will be more difficult.
         And the reason is because it is on the engine wings.

The fuel from the tank on the wings is equally supplied to the engine. So the balancing on both sides will remain the same.

     Next, the aircraft will have a pilot and a co-pilot.  Both are served two types of food, namely the main pilot 's first class passenger and the co - pilot's economy class passenger.  That's why, suppose they both eat the same food.  Can be controlled.  In 1984, everyone ate the same food as usual on an aircraft ... Many people, including the pilots who ate that food, became food poisoned ... and there was no one to control the plane ... This law came into force after that.

  The next thing is that no one died on the plane ... why so ...

To tell the truth, there is no magic or spell in it … If someone dies on a flying plane, the person will be handed over to the airport where the plane lands. The doctors at that port will examine and confirm the death …. That is why there is no record of him dying from the plane ….

I had the same question that came to your mind while reading this .. then if someone kills … it is not a question of saying where he killed … it is not a question of saying anything other than that he was killed on a plane … Similarly, if a person commits a crime on a plane, the air hostess has the power to arrest the person committing the crime … that is, they can be handcuffed and put in a corner … These air hostesses are all beautiful to look at but they have entered this job after many martial arts … Special reminder that ..

Similarly, if we do not enter the toilet on the plane and do not come out after the stipulated time, there is a system to open the toilet door from the outside, through which the air hostesses can open it.

   Next .. How much mileage will the aircraft get ..

Aircraft mileage is calculated in terms of time / liter, according to a Boeing 747 series aircraft, which burns 240 liters of fuel per minute, that is, 12 to 20 liters per 1 km (12-20 liters / kilometer) on a Boeing 747.

  Similarly, the total length of electrical wiring cables used for an aircraft can be as long as 58 km.

Similarly, pilots who fly for 10-15 hours have two small bedrooms inside the pilot's cabin for one to lie down and relax and sleep if needed.

    When the aircraft takes off and reaches a certain altitude, the pilot will turn on the autopilot and the aircraft will be on an auto pilot at an altitude of about 1000 feet above the destination airport.

 Similarly, the lower part of the back of the aircraft is tilted at a special angle .... because when the aircraft takes off from the runway, the front is the first to rise.

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