Unbeaten two hundred times in a row ‘Rohini 200’ (RH-200)

Rohini 200 sounding rocket’s 200th consecutive launch success. The launch was at 11.50 am from the launch center in Thumba. Former President Ram Nath Kovind visited VSSC to witness the launch.

Rohini 200 took off once again from the shores of Tumba. 200th consecutive unbeaten launch. The Rohini 200, also known as the RH 200, is the reason for ISRO’s current rockets. So far, the RH 200 has ripped through the skies of Thiruvananthapuram 541 times.

Today was also the 2439th rocket launch from the beach where the country’s first sounding rocket was launched.

Rohini 75 made India’s dream of having its own rocket come true on September 20, 1967. The first launch of the more powerful RH 200 was on 1 January 1979. There are three sounding rockets currently in service namely Rohini 200, Rohini 300 and Rohini 560. Former President Ram Nath Kovind said he was happy to witness a milestone in India’s space programme. ISRO Chairman S. Somnath said.

ISRO started learning the technology of all today’s big launch vehicles with these Rohani rockets used for weather studies. This year also marks the sixtieth anniversary of the Thumba Equitorial Launch Station that started it all.

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