Three factors made skyscrapers possible

Skyscrapers are one of the most fascinating objects behind the advancements of today’s modern age. Without skyscrapers in history, it is highly doubtful that the human race would have progressed this far.

Let’s get to know the three important people and their ideas that made the widespread construction of skyscrapers possible.

Henry Bessemer

Revolutionized steel production. His invention made it possible to produce steel on a large scale at a low cost, strong and lightweight.

Elisha Otis

He is the one who installed brakes on elevators and lifts. Before his safety elevator, there have been many accidents due to broken elevator cable. Elevators became safer after installing this brake.

Joseph Bazalgette

He was a civil engineer. He engineered London’s first sewage system, which helped eradicate cholera from London.

When these three innovations come together, we can build skyscrapers that are bigger, taller, and better than ever before.

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