The universe is full of innumerable wonders. To look at the universe means to look to the past.

In April 2017, Indian astronomers discovered a super mega cluster 400 billion light-years from Earth. Superclusters are one of the largest structures in the universe. It is estimated that there are more than 10 million superclusters in the visible universe.

Galaxies, galaxies, and dark matter all form clusters of galaxies. Such local clusters, and groups of them, and groups of filaments, sheets, and voids that make up the cosmic web are called large-scale structures. Indian astronomers have discovered such a large scale structure. This super cluster with a mass of 200 billion suns is called Saraswati.

The Saraswati Supercluster covers an area of ​​60 million light years. It contains at least 43 galaxy clusters.

This structure was formed 1000 billion years after the origin of the universe. What scientists now find is 400 billion years ago. If the Saraswati Supercluster is 400 million light-years away, then it would take 400 million years for light from there to reach Earth. It would take another 400 million years to know the current state of this supercluster.

Looking into the distance
We see so much of the universe’s past and its evolutionary stages.

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