International space station

Last Sunday, the space station installed a new solar panel. Made by Boeing and brought by SpaceX. After nearly six and a half hours of hard work, the astronauts of the European Space Agency and NASA walked into space and completed the work. The booster for the existing eight panels was fitted.

The occupants of the space station have walked into space 243 times so far. They spent a total of 63 days and 56 minutes outside. On November 20, 2020, they became the first man to live on a space station for 20 consecutive years. During this time, 244 people came here from 19 countries. In addition, about 3,000 studies were conducted. The lab will look at us sixteen times a day as it travels restlessly at a speed of about 27,600 km / hr, doing all this research for human survival and travel to other moons and Mars.

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