The tallest creature in the world ….Siphonophores

The deep-sea siphonophore is the longest living creature ever found on Earth. It is about 150 feet (46 m) long. Siphonophores are long-necked creatures with many clones. Siphonophores are not really an organism. Rather it is a bound colony of genetically similar pieces — hence the ‘string-like’ shape. Each clone is called a zooids. A suede cannot survive on its own, but together they become a hardy siphonophore.

They are predators that swim under the sea like long vines. Siphonophores feed on small fish, such as jellyfish, by freezing them with their tactile apparatus. Researchers believe that they are longer than the blue whales, which are thought to be the longest living creatures on Earth.

Like other hydrocephalus, some siphonophores emit light to attract and attack prey. While many marine animals produce blue and green bioluminescence, they produce red light.

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