The Oldest Fossil of the Plant

which was spread over the earth 432 million years ago, is on display at an exhibition in Tokyo. A sample of the fossil Cooksonia barrandei is on display in Tokyo. It is also the earliest known fossil of a terrestrial plant. Its entire structure is made of fossil wood. It was discovered in the nineteenth century. However, the fossil was mistaken for algae and kept in a storage box for hundreds of years. The 432 million year old Cooksonia barrandei fossil is a perfect example of the simple structure of a plant without roots and leaves.
Silurian period near Prague /. It has split rods and hornbeam-like stems at the apex / furcate stem with a trumpet-shaped spore case at its end /. It has no leaves. It is believed that photosynthesis takes place on the surface of the stalk. / photosynthesized with its stem surface /. This plant grows in moist places. The fossil rods are about 6 cm long. Its total length is estimated to be 10 cm. It is estimated that plant species evolved on Earth about 470 million years ago. The research paper on the rediscovery of this fossil was published in the 2018 issue of the British Scientific Journal of Nature.

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