The Mariana Trench is an area of ​​mountains and ravines that stretches for more than 2,500 km under the sea between Japan, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.The Mariana Trench is located at the confluence of the Pacific Plate and the Philippine Plate.

The Mariana Trench was discovered in 1875.

U.S. Navy geologist Harmont Heiss explored the cause of the crater. He found that it was due to the erosion of the earth plates.

It was a time when the United States and vice versa were developing competitive technologies to keep track of every move of the Soviet Union. Ocean explorations are part of this.
The secret of the Mariana Trench was revealed by the surveillance system brought by the United States to detect overseas nuclear tests.

To this end, the United States has set up seismographs at various points in the ocean. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. Their source was located on the map that included those areas, including the Mariana Trench and the mountains. This pointed to the movement of the plates.

Challenger Deep, part of the Mariana Trench, is the deepest place man has ever discovered.
Only five people have reached this depth on the manned submarine.

There are trillions of species on earth. Humans have not yet identified even a millionth of this. The crater is also home to many strange creatures that we do not know about.

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