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The Mariana Trench is an area of ​​mountains and ravines that stretches for more than 2,500 km under the sea between Japan, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.The Mariana Trench is located at the confluence of the Pacific Plate and the Philippine Plate.

August 14, 2021

The Mariana Trench was discovered in 1875. U.S. Navy geologist Harmont Heiss explored the cause of the crater. He found that it was due to the erosion of the earth plates. It was a time when the United States and vice versa were developing competitive technologies to keep track of every move of the Soviet…

Giant viruses found in Mariana Trench, observed by Chinese scientists.

July 31, 2021

If the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is lowered into the Mariana Trench, it will sink completely. You can only see the top of Mount Everest in the Mariana Trench when you dive to a depth of one and a half kilometers above sea level! It is this last depth that makes the Mariana Trench…