Fire Birds

There are some people who set fires in the forest for their own interests .. Like them, there are some birds who spread wildfires in the unlit part of the burning barn for their own interests. My today’s post is about them …
Australia is the world’s worst-hit country by wildfires, with 8 out of 10 wildfires being caused by lightning.
Firefighters who went to put out a wildfire in a bush in a national park in Australia years ago had an unusual experience. Sitting … but all these fires were in the opposite direction of the wind..when they inquired as to why this was happening..they understood …. Then they fly around in high circles ….
Studies have shown that blackbirds, whistling kites and brown falcons are birds of prey. The small creatures, insects and reptiles that they make in the small bushes come out to survive and at that time these birds feed on the creatures … This is why they create this kind of fire hazard …

However, due to the fact that very few people have seen this, many differences of opinion still exist among researchers. Evidence of fire-breathing birds can be found in the myths and murals of some of Australia’s tribesmen … However, researchers are still researching the subject.
No matter what happens, their courage and ability to take advantage of a tragedy cannot be denied …..

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