“Asteroid Ben threatens” (NASA)

Scientists have warned that the asteroid Bennu, which is expected to hit Earth in 2135, will not be a challenge to Earth. Bennu was at the top of the list of asteroids capable of crossing the Earth in close range.

On September 6, 2016, NASA sent a satellite called NASA OSIRIS-Rex to Bennu to examine Bennu’s term, its structure, and its internal probes. The mission of OSIRIX-REx was to orbit Bennu for three years and at the end of the year land on Bennu and return at least 60g of the sample. NASA has stated that it has taken at least 400g of OSIRIX-REx beyond 60g.

OSIRIX-REx is on its way back to Earth in October 2020 after completing its mission.

Scientists have assured the world that such an asteroid will not pose a threat to Earth, having studied the data already exchanged, and the timing of Bennu’s possible arrival, Earth’s position, and changes in Bennu’s trajectory. Scientists also say that Bennu will pass closer to Earth in another open window. That window is 24 September 2182‌. Even that is estimated to be only about 0.037% probability.

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