stephen william Hawkins

It is no wonder that Stephen William Hawking, the genius who discovered the secrets of the universe that amazed the whole world for 55 long years in a wheelchair despite being exhausted all over his body, is called a superhero. The machines read the scientific secrets he told from the small moving cheekbones, even though he had lost the ability to move his body and speak.

His theories dedicated to the mind and thought of science became astonishing discoveries to the world. The life of Hawking, who defeated even the body that was not ready to obey the brain, is still an inspiration to the world today. Get to know Stephen Hawking’s genius through Science Indica People in Science …

At the age of 21, a young man whose life expectancy was reduced to two years by doctors who lost muscle strength in his body was astonished not only by medicine but by the whole world until he later died at the age of 76.

Hawking has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 21, a motor neurone with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

It is a disease that is still incurable in medicine. The fact that Stephen Hawking lived the longest of those affected by this disease is just another milestone in his amazing life. It’s the birthday of the genius Stephen William Hawking

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