Special & General theory of relativity

Albert Einstein introduced his special theory of relativity in 1905, 10 years after it was made general and introduced to the world the general theory of relativity in 1915, but things were not so easy because he found it very difficult to explain this paper to others through an experiment. To show, ..

The main part was to bend the light passing through the gravitational field of the object, how to show it to others.

Eddington, a British scientist, came across it in 1919. When he heard that it was a massive object, he first considered the Sun, and then a star behind the Sun, and then the light from the star would bend as it reached the Earth via the Sun, but there was also the problem of the star’s bright light behind it.

No, but only in one case. A total solar eclipse will not affect viewers at that time. Eddington and his team captured one of the photos in both cases with a telescope camera and then placed the two photos on top of each other. Einstein was right when he said that a gap could be seen when observing.

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