Saudi Arabia is preparing to send a woman to space

Saudi Arabia is preparing for a revolutionary leap in the field of space. The Saudi Press Agency reported that the Saudi Space Commission Authority has started preparations to send a woman into space. This will happen by next year. More information on who will be the first female astronaut and what the journey will be will be announced later.

A woman along with a man for the journey
The Saudi Space Commission Authority announced that a female astronaut will be sent into space along with male astronauts as part of the new project. It is a part of the country’s dream plan, Vision 2030.

It is known that space travel will take place next year. The name and other details of the first female traveler in space may be released soon.

Space mission has many objectives
The Saudi Space Commission said in a statement that the project will enable astronauts to conduct scientific experiments and research for the advancement of humanity in priority areas such as health, sustainability and space technology.

According to the report, sending astronauts is an integral part of Vision 2030 and Saudi astronauts will be sent to space to help serve humanity better. Saudi media also reported that one of the astronauts will be a Saudi woman, whose space mission will be a historic one for the country.

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