‘Gorilla’ on space station

The space station is located at an altitude of 400 km above the Earth. What if a gorilla suddenly came there? NASA astronaut Tim Piet once proved that a gorilla can fly in space without touching the ground, even if he knows there is no such possibility.

Screenwriter Spence Todd shared a video of that funny prank. The 14-second video begins with a view of the space station. A gorilla emerges from a large paper cage and moves on to the next room. Later he sees Tim Piet, who is flying fast with life in his hand.


Todd Spence describes the incident behind the video on Twitter. Astronaut Scoot Kelly was behind this funny prank. The incident took place in 2016. Astronauts are allowed to carry a limited amount of their personal belongings. Taking advantage of this, Scott Kelly came up with a gorilla suit. He pretended to be a gorilla and kept it a secret without telling anyone.

Kelly was wearing his gorilla suit when he got the chance after arriving in space. Meanwhile, Piet was doing significant work on another part of the space station. This video shows Kelly disguised as a gorilla approaching an unexpected Piet.

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