Punch hole clouds

Also known as the False Streak hole, these are large circular rings that can appear in the clouds of cirochromulus or altochumulus.
Zero Comulus clouds …..(Serocumulus clouds are composed of numerous small white clouds, which usually converge at higher elevations. Cirrocumulus sometimes looks like the scaly skin of a fish, called the neighboring sky.

Such holes (below – 32 degrees) are formed when the temperature of the water in the clouds is below freezing, but the water has not yet frozen due to the lack of ice nucleation particles. When a portion of the water begins to freeze, it creates a domino effect and freezes the surrounding vapor and falls to the ground. It appears as a large, often circular hole in the cloud.

The tiny droplets below cooling are called ‘supercooled water droplets’.
Punch hole clouds have plagued astronomers and scientists alike since the 1940s. A 1968 article in Weatherwise magazine called it “a climate change?” That is Because of their rarity and unusual appearance, falsestream holes are often mistaken for or attributed to UFOs. Only in the last decade have we been able to understand why these clouds are forming. It is believed that the barrier to the stability of the cloud layer caused by the passing jet will induce the domino process of the evaporation process that creates the hole.
It was concluded that the expansion of the air as a plane passes by could cool the water droplets needed to form ice crystals and create hole punch clouds.

. Such clouds are not limited to any geographical region, and photographs of this natural phenomenon have been taken from the United States and Russia.

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