No launch! Startup with the technology of launching rockets into space …

Rocket launches are something that is done very carefully after a lot of preparation. The rocket will be refueled in several stages, including the booster. It contains solid and liquid fuels. Then after the countdown the rocket goes up with the fuel burning. The rocket will fly through space, gaining the energy of combustion that takes place on several stages.

The last decade has witnessed great changes from traditional rocket technology. Replacing rocket parts instead of burning, spacecraft such as the VSS unit, the Blue Origin New Shepard, the SpaceX Dragon capsule, and a variety of technologies for near – Earth missions that do not go far above the Carmen Line.

Now, a startup called Spin Launch has come up with a technology that will completely change the field of rocket launch. Instead of launching rockets into space with the energy of ignition, they developed the technique of throwing them off the ground. Currently the system is in its infancy.

At the heart of the system is an orbital accelerator, a large part reminiscent of centrifugal motors. Powered by electricity, it can propel small vehicles inside at speeds of up to thousands of kilometers per hour. This orbital accelerator’s aerial can carry objects weighing up to 200 kg into low orbit. But so far the spin launch has not been able to develop an orbital accelerator. They have now developed a suborbital accelerator.

Sipin Launch is headquartered in California, USA. The company, which started as a startup in 2014, has been invested in by big companies such as Google Ventures and Airbus. They have also built a spaceport in New Mexico, USA. The company aims to eliminate chemical fuels and use electricity in aerospace.

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