LUCY’s template

The first spacecraft to launch our solar system had a template with information about the Earth and man …

Such a template was included thinking that any Intelligent life might find it.

Lucy, which launched yesterday, also included a similar template.
But it was just that I could not address another Alien life.

Lucy’s template is included as a Time Capsule. That is, a template for humans to look at and enjoy after so many years.

Sometimes after a 12-year official mission, LUCY may travel back and forth to Earth and the Trojan Asteroid for thousands of years.

Our generation thousands of years later may be surprised to find the LUCY plaque as an archeological figure, but the LUCY plaque will still be a feast for historians at the time.

Sometimes they may change Lucy from the current Orbit to the Orbit that only orbits the Earth and bring it back to Earth. who knows …

The template contains celebrity messages and the position of the planets when Lucy launches.

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