Indian astronomers have come up with a new way to get to know the planets beyond the Solar System.

Indian astronomers have developed an innovative method to study the atmosphere of exoplanets more clearly. New research suggests that planets orbiting other stars could be studied by studying the polarization of light from them. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics are behind the new study model.

The new model was developed by Aritra Chakraborty, a postdoctoral research student at IIA, and Sujan Sengupta, a senior scientist. Through research, a new three-dimensional mathematical model is being put forward to study the polarization of light from planets.

The researchers claim that the new model will overcome the limitations of radial velocity and transit photometry methods currently used to study exoplanets.

The research paper, published in the journal The Astrophysics, claims that the new model will be able to accurately study the atmosphere and structure of the planets.

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