How long does it take to reach the planets in the Solar System? That means it depends on how fast you go.

But let’s see how long it has been since our spacecraft reached their destination.

Launched on November 3, 1973, Mariner10 took 147 days to reach Mercury on March 29, 1974. But the speed still needs to go down a bit to reach the orbit.

It took Messenger 1260 days to reach orbit. It will still take time to get to the surface ..

Launched in 1989, the Megallan mission took Venus 15 months to complete.

It took 7 months for our Opportunity to reach Mars.

Galileo went there to study Jupiter and Europe for 6 years.

Launched in 1997, Cassini traveled 7 years to reach Saturn.

It took the Voyager spacecraft 8.5 years to reach Uranus and 12 years to reach Neptune.

New Horizons left here in 2006 and returned to Pluto in 2015 .. 9 years and 6 months .. !!

It took Apollo 11 3 days to reach the moon.

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