How do stars form?

How Cosmology scientists’ doubts about the origin of the stars were allayed with the discovery of Erasto Memba. Star condensation occurs only when the gas clouds inside the nebula are reduced to a small volume. This is an essential process for star formation. Scientists are confused as to how this happens.

The difference in density between different regions within nebulae causes strong shock waves to pass from the denser region to the denser region. The area where such shock waves pass is warmer than the surroundings. According to the memba effect, a hot object cools faster than a hot object. As the shock waves pass through, the heated area cools faster than the surroundings, causing the gas cloud to shrink to a smaller volume. That is the beginning of the process of star formation. The process of star formation begins with the formation of a nucleus at the center of the condensing gas cloud.

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